Friday, October 23, 2009

Hari Kunzru: writing is to give people pleasure and escape people from their confinement

There are many reasons for writers on why they write stories. Hari Kunzru, the author of three books: The Impressionist, Transmission and My Revolutions has his own reason, that writing is to give people pleasure and escape people from their confinement.

At the bright and sunshine day on October 14th, 2009, together with HE Ambassador, Martin Hatfull, and most of BIS important people, Hari were there to read a paragraph of his book, My Revolutions at the opening of The Dickens Library. He also continues to talk to IB students who were fortunate to have him talking and sharing about his life being an author.

It is interesting to find out that Hari has no plan when we writes a book. He just set the points of the story and he just let it flow when he writes it down. He admitted it that he even still have no idea of what the end of the story he's writing at the moment.

When one asked what he would do when he has stucked and has no idea, he said that he just does something else and be back later to continue his writing.

Today, at the opening of The Dickens Library, Hari has inspiring us through his experience of being a writer. To contribute one's life with different point of view and create a different world to them through writing.

If we apply Hari's reason, then can you imagine how many authors live in a library? Then, how many works that you can enjoy and would enrich your life and thought through their writing?

So, what book are you reading now?

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Currently, I'm reading koran Kompas. Hehehehe...what about you?? (sepertinya gw kenal kata2 tsb diatas!!)