Monday, December 19, 2011

My Campus Life in UNPAD, Bandung

-(Term 1 2011-2012)-

Back to campus life after I graduated from my Bachelor degree 16 years ago, has become a new life for me. I have been dreaming of continuing my master since 1997 by applying any scholarships I've known until last year when I tried ADS and it failed.

I excused myself that no scholarship award will be given to someone who has been working in an international school for many years like me. It makes me feel much better.

I didn't stop there though. Having had a long and deep discussion with my husband, he finally agreed to let me pursuing my postgraduate study in University of Padjajaran (UNPAD), Bandung, majoring Library and Information Science which is under Communication Science Faculty.

I have decided to stick with my subject area, Library science, although I could have been registered myself in University of Indonesia (UI),Depok, my former campus. Unfortunately, UI doesn't offer postgraduate programe at weekend for an employee who still hold working commitment like me. So, the decision was firm and I took the written test and attended an interview as part of the entrance requirements in Bandung. Not long later, an announcement was made that I succesfully passed the exam and accepted to be one of their postgraduate students. Fortunately I also got study permission and school support from BIS with working time adjustment and funding calculation that we have agreed before I took the test.

A new life has begun. I have to make a journey to Bandung every Fridays and going back to Jakarta in the next day. I always take a travel service for this trip. Sometimes a lesson could start on Friday after lunch and end at night. Every Saturdays, the lesson would always start in the morning and finish in the evening.

How would you think our campus life would be? With all 9 buddies in a class, we enjoyed every lessons pretty well. Small group will always give you an opportunity to ask and discuss something in depth. We love it.

Apparently, campus life is not that boring at all. Instead, we love being together in sharing laugh and happines in every opportunity we have outside lessons time. You wouldn't believe it? Watch these out:

Happy all the time :)


Awaiting in vain? Not for us really

Awaiting is FUN for us


Togethernes is something for us... (sesuatu banget gitu loohh)

Together in an afternoon scenery in Bandung - will become one of our fond memories -

Having had all those experiences above with all the joy and laugh, it doesn't mean we don't take our study seriously. We study when we have to. We always tried our best to complete all the given tasks by our lecturers. See these:

In a lesson time with Dr Ninis A Damayani

My first working group... we did it folks :)

Class presentation with Dr Edwin

One of our subjects was Communication Technology (or Teknologi Komunikasi) with Dr Dede Mulkan and Dr Edwin Rizal. Our lesson started with a paper assignment given by Dr Dede Mulkan. We had to prepare a paper on any related ideas we're thinking of and presenting it in front of the class one by one. Actually it was Dr Dede's idea at the beginning to make a book by gathering these papers. We all agreed. The process was like a river flow. We just followed it up. Within three months, we finally made it. Here's the cover design of the book before the publisher printed the actual book.

This is our book-going-to-be...

However, we had to edit the contents, which were actually our own papers, together. So in that Friday evening, we started the class about 6.30pm and it was not ending until about 12 midnight.

Editing moments

Editing moments - Never give up

Dr Dede Mulkan has put a plan to have the book launching right on the last day of this term. We were happy to have Dr Agus Rahmat, Dr Eni Maryani, Dr Atwar Bajari coming and joining us with Dr Edwin Rizal and Dr Dede Mulkan.

We still don't believe it that it really comes true, the book, our book until we hold it at the book launching 'ceremony'that evening. We were so happy to hear from Dr Agus Rahmat who mentioned this book has been acknowledged to be one of requirements for us to have the 'ticket' for our colloquium next year. Yipeeee...

...and here we are at the book launching, Friday December 16th, 2011 at NgopDul

Opening speech by Dr Dede Mulkan and give-in ceremony

Dr Dede Mulkan is signing my book :)

This book may not be a perfect one. But we have learnt many things through the completing process of it. Therefore we'd like to express our huge thanks for FIKOM UNPAD: Dr Agus Rahmat, Dr Atwar Bajari, Dr Eni Maryani, Dr Edwin Rizal, Dr Ninis A Damayani and those who were encouraging and helping us during the completion of this book that their names not on this list.

A special gratitude is directed to Dr Dede Mulkan, a lecturer but also a tutor who has given us this precious experience, which was not only physically we can hold it as a book, but also the spirit, encourage, acceptance and motivation inside so that we could learn and develop our knowledge and real experience to be a writer at the first steps in our campus life in FIKOM, UNPAD, Bandung. We do hope this book would give us inspiration and motivation to write more and more in the future. So we would improve our knowedge and writing skills at the same time.

One more thing, copies of this book are very limited. Yet I'm sure it will be needed by those who are taking Library and Information Studies. So if you are interested in this book, do not hesitate to contact me and try your luck in having this one for your own copy :)

Most photos are taken from Angga Hadiapurwa's collection (his FB and private collection) and from Dr Dede Mulkan's collection (from his FB accounts and private collection)
Thank you Gents:)