Friday, May 29, 2009

Stewart Ross: I'm interested in and fascinated by human being

Tuesday the 19th of May, Stewart Ross, a British author came and visit The British International School, Tangerang, Banten. He came to share his authorship experience to BIS students and staff. This was a perfect time of visit as at the same day BIS was having a Careers Day so that he could shared his authorship life with students.

Stewart is an energetic, dynamic and entertaining author. He shared his experience as an author in a very expresive way. Stewart is interested in and fascinated by human being. That explains why the themes of most his works are history, straight fiction and historical fiction. The time spent for his works depends on the topic and the research that needed to be done between 2 weeks and one year work. He spends 2 weeks to write his 5000 words of his story.

To answer the the question on how the process of producing a book, Stewart said that he starts witn an idea that coming from everyday life. Then he develops the idea into a full story. Stewart's works are not only books. If you want to know more about Stewart and his works, visit his website at