Monday, July 10, 2006

Good bye...
The end of term 3 has come. Many teachers who are leaving have started they 'goodbyeing' ritual since three days before the 'D' day. This is life in British International School. Many people leave and many people come. Only me, us, who are permanent staff are staying. Being a witness of this circumstances is not easy sometime. It was such a hard time to say goodbye to people to whom you work very close and get along with. It was a happy time to say goodbye to those, by any chance, you can't team with... Difficult people, may be the term is.

Now, to my own experience, goodbyeing ritual become even harder when you have to say bye bye to a person who has been very supportive, understanding, always there when you need a hand, an exemplary leader is the word, I think!

... Tears has been coming down earlier when the news came out...On the 'D' day, mouth suddenly locked off, and heart cant stop beating... don't know what to say, except trying hardly to hold the tears from the wettening eyes to drip off.

Good bye!
Only God knows when we're going to meet again.
All the fond memories for the past few years will remain in our hearts.
All the best...(and stay in touch!)

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